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The use and maintenance of parallel gear motor

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■ Overiew                                                                                      
Please don't use motor out of the range of the product specifications,avoiding getting electric shock,hurting or damaging the device.                                         
Please don't put your fingers and things into the opening part of gearbox or motor,in order to prevent getting electric shock,hurting,catching a fire or damaging device,etc.  
Please don't use the injured gearbox or motor,in order to prevent hurting,catching a fire,etc.                                                                                                                        
■ Moving
When you move it,if it shed off or tilt to one side,it is very dangerous,please pay more attention.

■ Assembly
Please must not put the flammable thing near the gearbox and motor,in order to prevent catching a fire.  
Please don't put the things around motor,effecting ventilation and cooling,even burning or catching a fire because of too hot.  
Please don't touch the gear,the top of the motor shaft and the key slot of the gear with naked hand,in order to prevent hurting.
The device may creting the smoke,such as food machine,please add a oil cup in the assembly part,in order to prevent leaking oil which may have a bad effect on the products.  

■ Assembly the main machine  
Please set a safe cover above the revolving part,in order to prevent hurting.  
Before linking to the other part machine,please confirm the revolving direction.If the direction is not right,which it may hurt the gear motor or destory the device.

■ Wiring  
Please don't get in touch with terminal,when you measure insulated resistance,in order to prevent danger of getting an electric shock.                   


■ Wiring                                                                                      
Please link with the electrical source according to wire diagram and usage manual,in order to prevent getting an electric shock or catching a fire(not terminal box,please strengthen the insulation of the connection part surely).
Referring to the electrical source cable and the motor wire,please don't bend,stretch,and clip tightly excessively,in order to prevent getting an electric shock.  
The terminal box connectng to the groud must be firm,in order to prevent getting an electric shock. 
Please adopt the electrical soursce to accord with the nameplate,in order to prevent burning the motor and catching a fire.                                                    

■ Operation                                                                                          
During the work,please mustn't get close to or tough the revolving parts(shaft).If something or somebody engulfs or hurts,please turn off the electrical power switch rigth away and handle at once.
Please turn off the electrical source switch when electricity stops,in order to prevent hurting the person and damaging the device.
Please note,motor with the thermal protector,when temperature of the motor is unusual,it will turn off the electrical source automatically,when the temperature of the motor fall down to a fixed data,the motor can work automatically(Note:when the motor is not burned-out,the motor can work automatically).                                                                                                                                                                                            

■ The daily check and maintain                                                                                  
In daily,you should keep the motor operating in the normal work environment(except the special model).      
While checking,please don't get close to or tough the revolving parts(shaft).Something or somebody may engulf or hurt.                               





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